Bonner Classical Academy Opens Its Doors in Sandpoint

The first school of its kind offering a Christ-centered education featuring Singapore math, an emphasis on American Civics in addition to mechanical and fine arts. School is now accepting new students for the 2023-24 school year.

Bonner Classical Academy

Christian Private School in Sandpoint, ID, serves grades K-12.

The doors have officially opened for Bonner Classical Academy, a K-12 private school located in Sandpoint that offers a Christ-centered approach that features a rigorous math curriculum in addition to its finely curated courses that include mechanical arts and American Civics among others. The school is dedicated to cultivating an ethos of wonder, knowledge, virtue, and wisdom in the tradition of classical Christian education. The academy’s core principles are to offer Christ-centered education, liberal arts academics, an emphasis on American civics alongside programs in mechanical arts and fine arts. The school stands out for offering Singapore math and a pure phonics literacy curriculum in the elementary school. Both curricula have a proven track record of success across the country, and they’re known for their multi-sensory approach to learning. 

When students progress to middle and high school, they will read deeply in primary sources and classic works of literature, while also taking robust math and science classes. In addition to the rigorous academics, all students take classes in fine arts, outdoor skills, and skilled crafts beginning in kindergarten. Since opening its doors in September, the school has experienced tremendous support from the community, including homeschooling families and homesteaders, as well as those who enjoy the school’s proximity to life downtown. Many parents have found a shared vision in the classical Christian approach, and they appreciate a finely curated curriculum that combines the North Idaho spirit of faith, community, lifelong learning, and self-reliance.

"Most important to us is the way BCA intertwines faith and learning. We had come to see that it would be much harder to pass on our faith to our kids if their school focused solely on skills and academics, while remaining silent about virtue, goodness, and the spiritual life. I’ve been following the classical education movement now gaining steam nationwide, and its mission resonates. BCA is reclaiming the enduring wisdom that was discarded with educational reforms of recent decades. I appreciate the way BCA plans to reflect and strengthen our local community. It’s wonderful to see the school integrating homeschooling families, planning a mechanical arts curriculum, and aspiring to shape young people who stay and serve Bonner County,” said Noelle Nugent, a parent of a current 1st grader enrolled at BCA.

Bonner Classical Academy is now accepting applications and booking tours for prospective students. The school offers full-week and partial-week programs. Space is available for January start date. Please inquire on our website to book your tour.

Contact Information:
Jessica Drexel
Head of School
[email protected]

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