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DVDFab 13

DVDFab 12 is now upgraded to DVDFab 13, which provides all disc-related solutions, like copying, ripping, burning, etc., across multiple modes.

HONG KONG S.A.R, CHINA, October 20, 2023 / — DVDFab, the world’s leading provider of multimedia software solutions, has updated its DVDFab 12 all-in-one package to the new DVDFab 13 recently. DVDFab 13 offers professional and complete support for 4K UHD Blu-ray, Blu-ray and DVD Ripper, Copy, Creator, and Conversion functionalities across multiple modes.

New Features and Highlights of DVDFab 13

DVDFab 13 is an upgrade to DVDFab 12 with exclusive features. Here’s everything new that the 13th generation of DVDFab beholds for a stable and smoother workflow experience.

– Features Newly Designed UI, Flat and Fluent

DVDFab 13 now has three fresh, modern, and elegant UI and color schemes: Light, Dark, and 365. The Light and Dark modes enable users to select the most appropriate for their working environment, whereas the 365 color scheme has been designed exclusively for 365 users.

– Fresh New Video Editing Function

DVDFab 13’s Ripper module has an all-new built-in video editor that lets users quickly crop, trim, merge, rotate, add subtitles and watermarks, and adjust video color to suit their style.

With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, DVDFab 13 is not just for managing DVDs, Blu-rays, and 4K UHD Blu-ray discs but is also an advanced tool to expand users’ video editing skills.

– New UE Delivers Clearer Input-Output Information Display

DVDFab 13 introduces an all-new user interface designed to provide clear and detailed input-output information during the disc processing tasks. This means that users can easily track various video data such as title, runtime, chapter details, HDR status, subtitles, and other video and audio settings. The software helps simplify the workflow with a more transparent way to manage the multimedia files.

Module Readjustments in DVDFab 13

DVDFab 13 has replaced and readjusted some modules in the current generation that were earlier available in DVDFab 12.

– Video Converter

The previous DVDFab Video Convert has been replaced with the new UniFab Video Converter, which has more comprehensive features. However, existing DVDFab Video Converter users can get it for free.

UniFab Video Converter can efficiently convert, compress and edit 1000+ video formats for playback on any device with original quality. With flexible customization in the output video, users can also use its video editing capabilities, like cropping, adding effects, and watermarks.

– Enlarger AI

DVDFab 12’s DVDFab Enlarger AI is now replaced with the all-new UniFab Video Enlarger AI. But existing DVDFab Enlarger AI users can get it for free. The software helps analyze and enhance video clarity with its deep learning algorithms to present a more realistic and vivid visual effect.

Furthermore, users can improve the video quality of low-resolution, black-and-white, and homemade videos with enlarged video resolutions up to 4K.

– Smoother AI

Smoother AI will be replaced with UniFab Smoother AI soon. However, existing users of DVDFab Smoother AI can get it for free. Before the latter is ready, they can continue to use it in DVDFab 12.

– Hi-Fi Audio Converter

DVDFab Hi-Fi Audio Converter is integrated into the Ripper modules to convert music Blu-rays to lossless hi-fi audio into lossless FLAC audio. The software produces high-resolution audio files with 24-bit and up to 192 kHz high-definition output.

Users can create two conversion profiles, FLAC Stereo and FLAC Multi-Channel, with multi-channel options like Stereo, Dolby Surround/ProLogic, Dolby ProLogic II, 5.1 multi-channel, and 7.1 multi-channel.

– UHD Drive Tool

UHD Drive Tool is still in the works but will soon be released in DVDFab 13 to back up UHD.

Introducing UniFab All-In-One

UniFab All-In-One is an extensive AI-powered video editing and enhancement solution that offers nine exclusive products (i.e., 3 video tools and 6 AI-powered enhancer tools) to provide a rich and immersive video-viewing experience.

Now, users can use UniFab to convert video to HDR with AI, enhance video with AI, upmix audio with AI, and customize videos to suit their styles.

About DVDFab

DVDFab was founded in 2003, and in 20 years, it has continuously worked to improve users’ experiences. After 20 years of constant improvements, DVDFab has developed a comprehensive product system, including DVDFab, UniFab, StreamFab and PlayerFab, that solves users’ different audio and video processing demands. Today, DVDFab is an international leading multimedia processing software supplier dedicated to developing and exploring multimedia experiences for worldwide users. It has over 126 million trusted users in 160+ countries.

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