BLK Capital Management Partners With Achievable to Provide Affordable FINRA Exam Preparation to Aspiring Black Financial Professionals

BLK Capital Management’s First Cohort of 50 Students Will Study with Achievable through the Achievable for All Program in Q4 2023

Achievable announced today a partnership with BLK Capital Management, LLC, a 100% black-owned and student-run non-profit organization that focuses on educating its members in the field of active investment management, to provide FINRA exam preparation materials and services to its members through its Achievable for All program. Achievable partners with universities and organizations through its Achievable for All program to provide students with free and discounted online preparation classes, test prep books, and other materials needed for their exams. Through this partnership, BLK Capital Management will have access to comprehensive resources and guidance to help students prepare for FINRA licensing exams required for many finance industry roles.

BLK Capital Management's Chief Strategy Officer Moje Badejoko said, "We are excited to partner with Achievable on this program. It's essential that all of our members have the opportunity to succeed in the finance industry, and getting a head start on financial licensing is a key way to increase their likelihood of getting a job. Our partnership with Achievable is an important step in ensuring our students are prepared for a career in active investment management."

"We strongly believe in BLK Capital Management’s mission and are excited to work with them to provide BLK Capital Management’s membership with access to quality financial licensing exam prep materials," said Tyler York, Chief Executive Officer at Achievable. "Through our work together, we'll help advance our shared cause of improving access to the financial services industry for underrepresented groups."

The program will launch its first cohort in the fourth quarter of 2023, and BLK Capital Management has identified its first batch of 50 students who will work with Achievable's FINRA prep materials. BLK Capital Management plans to continue to host this program again next year for interested members.

For questions about the Achievable for All program, please visit

About BLK Capital Management:

BLK Capital Management, LLC is a 100% black-owned and student-run hedge fund that focuses on educating our members by exposing them to the field of active investment management. As an organization, we strive to recruit top talent from schools across the world and prepare them for a career in the financial services industry through mentorship, our extensive education program, and active management opportunities through our long/short equity portfolio.

About Achievable:

Achievable is an exam preparation platform trusted by thousands to ace professional qualification examinations such as the ACT, GRE, FINRA SIE and Series exams, and the USMLE. Achievable's mission is to provide access to quality educational materials for all. We believe academic success should be accessible to everyone regardless of background or circumstances.

Contact Information:
Justin Pincar
Co-founder and Managing Director
[email protected]

Original Source: BLK Capital Management Partners With Achievable to Provide Affordable FINRA Exam Preparation to Aspiring Black Financial Professionals

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