BioGX Expands PCR Test Menu at State Departments of Health

BioGX, a leading global provider of easy molecular diagnostic solutions, is pleased to announce the test menu expansion support to Departments of Health (DoH) with the addition of its Candida auris assay. BioGX currently services 6 DoH agencies with expansion to 10 agencies expected in Q1 2024.

"We are excited to support the state Departments of Health by providing  menu expansion solutions to meet stringent assay performance requirements," said Shahin Iqbal, PhD, BioGX President & COO. "Our goal is to empower healthcare professionals with the best tools available, and this expansion is a testament to our commitment to improving public health outcomes in the region."

As healthcare continues to evolve, the importance of robust and accurate diagnostic solutions has never been more critical. BioGX is committed to providing innovative and reliable molecular diagnostics solutions to support public health initiatives. State health departments  play a pivotal role in safeguarding public health, requiring cutting-edge molecular diagnostics to quickly respond to the ever-changing landscape of testing needs.

This expansion will provide Departments of Health with access to BioGX's molecular assays, which are designed for speed, precision, and reliability. These assays may assist in the rapid and accurate detection of pathogens, contributing to more effective disease control and management.

BioGX has a proven track record of providing reliable solutions that are easy to use and adhere to high stringency standards of performance. By expanding the test menu, the company is ensuring that healthcare providers have access to a broad range of tools to best serve their communities.

About BioGX:

BioGX is a global leader in providing molecular diagnostic solutions designed to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of diagnostic testing. The company's innovative technologies enable faster and more reliable results for a wide range of applications. BioGX Sample-Ready™ PCR assay* is for use on many real-time PCR instruments including the BD MAX™, ThermoFisher QuantStudio™, Bio-Rad CFX Touch™ and the new BioGX pixl™ platform.

BioGX’s Sample-Ready™ line of products for use on many real-time PCR instruments including the BD MAX™, ThermoFisher QuantStudio™, Bio-Rad CFX Touch™ BioGX pixl™ are offered as custom manufactured or Research Use Only PCR assays, lyophilized in a single vial and fine-tuned to ensure high performance across multiple platforms that are commonly used in laboratories today.

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*Research Use Only or Custom Manufacture Only.

Sample-Ready, Just Add Water, Xfree and pixl are trademarks of BioGX, Inc.

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Original Source: BioGX Expands PCR Test Menu at State Departments of Health

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