Behind the Screens: Livestream App and Band Shine Spotlight on Censorship and Triumphs in New Documentary

Behind the Screens: Livestream App and Band Shine Spotlight on Censorship and Triumphs in New Documentary

Zander and Norell make The Band Famous.

The Band Famous at the ESPYs in Los Angeles

The Band Famous at the ESPYs in Los Angeles.

The Band Famous is: music duo, software, venue, animal rescue, enterprise by Zander and Norell.

The Band Famous is: music duo, software, venue, animal rescue, enterprise by Zander and Norell.

Before Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and all livestream apps existed, they first made The Band Famous.

The Band Famous, who somehow managed to form live on the internet..that’s right…it’s like they filmed their own birth…they made an interactive app by which they released their album.”

— David Campell, Jay Gabler – The Local Show on 89.3 FM The Current

USA, March 22, 2024 / — Collectively, The Band Famous music duo encompasses various ventures, including enterprise, software development, venue operation, and an animal sanctuary.

Co-founded and co-run by singer-songwriter Norell (Mary Norell Jackson) and body painter Zander (Jacob Alexander Figueroa), with past clients including Red Bull.

Norell’s move to the city led to a creative partnership with Zander, who painted her while bonding over their shared upbringing challenges. Together, they formed The Band Famous during an improvised livestream music jam. Their debut album, Last Words, was released in their self-developed app, The Band Famous®, on iPhone (2014) and Android (2015). Subsequent releases include the Awakening EP (2020), “You’re a Star” (2023), teasing their upcoming 3rd album, Dragonfly, and the surprise EP they launched on New Year’s Day, To Be Frank (2024).

Among the band’s supporters are technologist Greg Deocampo, who wrote a blog on their software and music; hacker Kim Dotcom, who proposed a collaboration; and comedian Tom Green, who praised the band’s genre-bending qualities and invited them to perform on his show.

Additionally, the band received recognition from actor Mario Lopez and streaming service Hulu. Lopez first met the band at Universal Studios and later engaged with them on social media, while Hulu has followed their journey.

Greg Deocampo, known for his contributions to Adobe After Effects and U2’s visuals, was among the first to witness The Band Famous’ debut livestream concert and app release, his app review highlighting their experimental music and innovative approach to music presentation.

Despite these achievements, the band claims to have faced significant censorship throughout their musical journey, which they explore in their new documentary, Uncensor The Band Famous.

The topic of censorship coincides with broader issues, such as the recent ban on TikTok, raising questions about freedom of speech.

Additional supporters of their music and software include Kick Kennedy, BJ Thomas, En Vogue’s Dawn Robinson, and actor Jamil Walker Smith. The band attributes censorship to their refusal to compromise artistic freedom, including rejecting offers from major record labels.

Described as genre-defying, blending genres such as “pop, metal, alternative, industrial” by comedian Tom Green, The Band Famous values creative independence and refuses to conform to industry norms. Their music has been featured in VR art exhibitions and gained popularity internationally, particularly their music is in radio rotation in Brazil, the United Kingdom, Wales, France, and China.

Despite their contributions to the arts, both Norell’s and Zander’s works have faced censorship. Zander’s art, recognized internationally, has been censored despite its widespread acclaim. Notably, Zander has contributed to Michael Levitt Productions, offering consultation for the renowned television series Skin Wars aired on the Game Show Network, owned by a television network division of Sony Pictures. The cable channel follows Zander, Norell, and The Band Famous on Twitter/X.

In addition to their artistic endeavors, The Band Famous supports charities, animals, their fellow artists, and creative independence. As Twitch Affiliate, they livestream music and games powered by solar energy. For those interested in supporting their mission, they encourage watching their documentary.

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