Author Wade Bryson’s New Audiobook ‘Minimum Wage to Millionaire’ is an Inspiring Account of the Author’s Journey to Personal and Professional Success

Recent audiobook release "Minimum Wage to Millionaire" from Audiobook Network author Wade Bryson is an autobiographical reflection on his path from working dead-end, low-skill jobs to becoming a successful businessman. It is an exploration of the simple personal changes he made that unlocked his potential and paved the way for achievement beyond his wildest dreams.

JUNEAU, Alaska - August 5, 2022 - (

Wade Bryson, who is an entrepreneur, community moderator, and daily radio show host who, with his wife, Christine, raised his five children in Juneau, Alaska, has completed his new audiobook "Minimum Wage to Millionaire": an engaging and practical guide to adopting effective strategies to maximize the potential for success in any endeavor. 

Wade Bryson describes himself as "a former idiot who absolutely should have failed at life." It would have to be considered a miracle that the consequences of his poor decision-making did not permanently wreck his ability to achieve success. He wants readers to know that, if he can do so much damage to his future and still come back and reach the level of success that he always desired, they can too. As the most unlikely successful man, it was his ability to ask for help and an incredibly open mind that continued to move him to a better path. This book is a product of all the mistakes and lessons learned along the way.

While the beginning of the book is meant to exemplify how far off track one can be, the core information is comprised of the most effective strategies that brought success. Successful people have used similar techniques and applied the same attributes that Wade uses in this book. Though there is always more to learn, following the advice in this book will at the very least prevent readers from making some of the same mistakes that prevent success. At best, it will provide insight and direction toward success that one didn't have before.

"Minimum Wage to Millionaire" focuses on the material aspect of success. While money isn't everything, it is important. The trick is to acquire the money more easily and effectively. The more successful one is the more money that will come their way. The answers are inside.

Published by Audiobook Network, author Wade Bryson's new audiobook is a thought-provoking and encouraging account of the author's journey from a low-level employee prone to quitting to a successful entrepreneur who provides life-changing advice to people seeking a better path.

Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of "Minimum Wage to Millionaire" by Wade Bryson through Audible, the Apple iTunes Store, or Amazon. 

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