Author Kendall Gott’s New Audiobook ‘Gone to Kansas: 1855’ is an Inspiring Tale of Courage That Follows a Young Man Who Sets Off to Make a Name for Himself Out West

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Kendall Gott, a retired army officer and senior historian of the Combat Studies Institute, has completed his new audiobook "Gone to Kansas: 1855": a tale of inner strength and adventure that follows Hiram Lockwood, a young man with a troubled past, who searches for a new way of life as he journeys out West to the promising and alluring Kansas Territory.

"Like all frontiers, the Kansas Territory was a place of opportunity for anyone with the means and ability to work," writes Gott. "The Santa Fe Trail was an exceptionally lucrative venture and linked the United States with the trade markets in the Southwest. Fortunes were made on that dangerous route, but the risks were worth it. Where the settlers went, the businesses followed them. Mills, factories, and shops came. Churches, taverns, and brothels did too. Unfortunately, there were also people there, too, that would cheat, rob, and steal. Yet, in each town, there seemed to exist the ambition to make something out of nothing. Money was made, and money was lost. It would be 10 more years before American author and newspaper editor Horace Greeley wrote his famous phrase, "Go West, young man." Mr. Greely was no prophet. He was just a voice in a choir that had been singing for decades.

"While shelves are filled with accounts of industry titans, politicians, and exalted military leaders, this is a tale of a common man making his way in a hard, cold, and often cruel world. Men with ambition and skills were in high demand and could well find themselves quite rich, whether in finance, manufacturing, or in the production of cotton and tobacco. Men with mechanical aptitude or in a skilled trade could also live comfortably. The vast majority of Americans, though, were farmers or simple laborers.

"In this story, Hiram Lockwood comes from a troubled past and broken family. Leaving it behind, he comes west into the Kansas Territory. He will be put to the test, battling the elements, Indians, and outlaws while trying to find his place in the world. The events in this book actually happened. Young Hiram is woven into the fabric of history to tell his story. Characters with full proper names are real people and worthy of additional study."

Published by Audiobook Network, author Kendall Gott's new audiobook is an uplifting examination of the strength needed to continue despite numerous setbacks and obstacles that stand between oneself and their goals. Unafraid of learning from his mistakes, and with a bit of spiritual guidance, Lockwood braves the elements as he forges a new path that will leave listeners awestruck right up until the very end.

Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of "Gone to Kansas: 1855" by Kendall Gott through Audible, the Apple iTunes store, or Amazon. 

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Original Source: Author Kendall Gott's New Audiobook 'Gone to Kansas: 1855' is an Inspiring Tale of Courage That Follows a Young Man Who Sets Off to Make a Name for Himself Out West

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