Author Francis Morris’s New Audiobook ‘Certain Strangers’ is an Enthralling Fantasy of One Young Man’s Race to Save the Earth and the Fate of Mankind

Recent audiobook release 'Certain Strangers' from Audiobook Network author Francis Morris follows the dangerous adventures of Galen Cairns, who takes up his late father's quest to save the Earth by bringing together three crystals scattered across the globe. With dangerous enemies hot on his tail, and the location of one crystal a mystery, Galen must keep his wits about him if he hopes to succeed.

NEW YORK - September 2, 2022 - (

Francis Morris, a husband, father, and lifelong storyteller with a passion for traveling, has completed his new audiobook "Certain Strangers": a spellbinding fantasy following the escapades of one young man with the knowledge to save the world from destruction by the hands of humanity.

"Mankind are putting Mother Earth at risk, with serious consequences," writes Morris. "Their rescue lies in an ancient culture that arrived on the Australian continent many years before humans walked the earth. They had come in craft made of light, which turned to crystal on contact with the earth's atmosphere. Three crystal shards from these crafts were removed as they could be brought together if the need arose to protect Mother Earth. In a bid to conserve these crystals, they were concealed. One shard was hidden on Mount Olympus, one on a small island off the Welsh coast, while the location of the other is a mystery. Galen Cairns learns of his late father's quest to bring the shards together and protect the future of the human race. It's a dangerous undertaking, but Galen has to try. He finds himself engaging with powerful opposing forces, but with the help of unlikely allies, can he set in motion the quest to save Mother Earth?"

Published by Audiobook Network, author Francis Morris's new audiobook will transport listeners around the world as they follow along on Galen's globetrotting adventures to discover the three crystals capable of saving the earth. Using his late father's work as his guide, will Galen manage to accomplish the impossible that many others have failed at, or will the dangerous enemies standing in his way prove too much for mankind's hero?

Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of "Certain Strangers" by Francis Morris through Audible, the Apple iTunes store, or Amazon. 

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Original Source: Author Francis Morris's New Audiobook 'Certain Strangers' is an Enthralling Fantasy of One Young Man's Race to Save the Earth and the Fate of Mankind

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