Atlanta Dental Spa Wins Back-to-Back ‘Best Cosmetic Dentist’ Awards in 2024

My Alpharetta and My Buckhead Magazines Acknowledge Atlanta Dental Spa as the ‘Best Cosmetic Dentist’ Voted by Local Residents

Atlanta Dental Spa, known for its dedication to patient comfort and innovative approach to cosmetic dentistry, has proudly accepted two back-to-back "Best Cosmetic Dentist of 2024" awards, voted by local communities through My Alpharetta and My Buckhead magazines. These prominent publications, distributed to 20,000 households and 5,000 businesses, acknowledge Atlanta Dental Spa's exceptional contributions to cosmetic dentistry through cutting-edge technology and a comprehensive approach that transcends traditional dentistry.

The Johns Creek practice secured the "Best Cosmetic Dentist of 2024" title as conferred by My Alpharetta. Simultaneously, its Buckhead office received the same Cosmetic Dentistry award from My Buckhead. With 17 and 21 nominees, respectively, Atlanta Dental Spa was voted highest, solidifying its status as the community's top choice for cosmetic dentistry.

Founder and co-owner Dr. Peter Boulden expressed his gratitude stating, "Our entire team is dedicated to helping patients achieve a healthy, beautiful smile while staying relaxed and stress-free. Going to the dentist does not have to feel like a dental appointment. To be recognized twice by our community for our cosmetic dentistry is truly an honor. It pushes us to keep challenging the way dentistry should be done."

This success can be attributed to Atlanta Dental Spa's comprehensive approach to cosmetic dentistry services. From transformative Botox treatments and advanced Invisalign procedures to precision-crafted veneers and seamless bonding, the practice addresses a spectrum of cosmetic dentistry needs under one roof.

The awards further validate Atlanta Dental Spa's commitment to patient satisfaction, supported by an extensive library of patient testimonials. Catalina, a patient with a history of dental troubles since childhood, shared, "When I came here, I was incredibly self-conscious of my smile. I found a place where I felt like I had a very smooth process. They gave me my smile back!"

Karey, another patient who overcame dental anxiety, remarked, "I just felt so calm. When I got into the actual office chair, it was the first time I wasn't shaking. When I met Dr. Hamilton, it was just instant."

Adding to its distinction, Atlanta Dental Spa operates an in-house dental lab where skilled ceramists craft crowns, bridges, implants, and other custom cosmetic dental solutions. The advanced 3D technology and internal capability ensure expedited processes and a personalized touch, providing patients with optimal results tailored to their unique needs.

With nearly 2,000 5-star reviews, Atlanta Dental Spa has been a trusted dental practice since its founding in 2004. The practice offers a Complete Health Dentistry approach, including general dentistry, restorative procedures, cosmetic enhancements, oral surgery, and advanced technologies, making it the go-to choice for all dental needs.

The "Best Cosmetic Dentist" awards not only celebrate Atlanta Dental Spa's excellence in cosmetic dentistry but also reinforce its position as a community-centric practice that continues to transform smiles and elevate patient experiences.

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