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Dylan Quercia interviewing Vladimir Kramnik.

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Inside the Journey to Become World Champion! Showcasing the intense culture of the world’s most strategic sport. Available to Stream beginning April 9, 2024!

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, April 9, 2024 / — Just as the chess world gathers (4/4-22, 2024) for the spectacular 2024 ‘Candidates’ tournament to crown a single opponent to face current World Chess Champion in the 2024 World Championship – comes the debut of KING CHESS a fantastic new documentary showcasing the intense culture of the world’s most strategic sport. Debuting to VOD streaming beginning April 9, 2024, the unique and timely film is a thrilling showcase of competitive sport, that follows the legendary 2018 tournament (a bi-annual event, adjusted for the Pandemic), with chess expert, coach and journalist, Dylan Quercia aka Coach Q (As Seen on ESPN). Giving viewers a fascinating inside look at the players, matches, strategy and drama, the film presents the best-of-best as they gather in Berlin to battle it out for the chance to then challenge the reigning World Chess Champion, Magnus Carlsen.

An award-winning showcase of action, KING CHESS transcends the game of Chess, appealing to anyone who loves and appreciates intense sports it at its highest level, with every moment of the historic event beautifully preserved by the filmmaking of the daring filmmaker, Gloria Iseli, who weaves together a story that is accessible to all. KING CHESS follows the strongest line-up of players in the history of the game, a diverse cast of eight ‘Super Grandmaster’ players who battle through 14 grueling rounds over a 17 day period, for the chance to compete to be crowned the ‘King of Chess.‘

LOGLINE: For anyone that loves sports at its highest level, an intense showcase of eight ‘Super Grandmasters’ as they battle for a chance to be crowned the ‘King of Chess.’

An intense but approachable documentary for the whole family, KING CHESS comes to VOD streaming platforms following a celebrated festival run where it was an official selection at Lonely Wolf Film Festival, an Audience Award winner for Best Documentary at the Golden State Film Festival, Honorable Mention at the Kiez Berlin Film Festival, and Finalist at Rome’s Prisma Film Awards.

FULL SYNOPSIS: King Chess captures the life-long dream of becoming a World Chess Champion. For the elite few, there is only one way to the top: to win the Candidates Tournament. In 2018, the best-of-best gathered in Berlin to battle it out for the chance to challenge the reigning World Champion, Magnus Carlsen. Each of these players is a Super Grandmaster, but that’s not all. Not since Bobby Fischer had the United States sent not one, but two players who had a chance to take on the World Champion. China sent its first player ever in the history of the Candidates, the previous Challenger returned to try again, five of the eight players are under the age of 30, and former World Champion Vladimir Kramnik came back to try for the title one last time. Experience the fourteen grueling rounds alongside these top level chess players. Come to St. Louis as the Challenger and the Champion prepare for their final showdown at the World Championship in London. This film is for non-chess players and chess players alike. From Chess Boxing to artists like Thierry Noir to chess legends popping up at every turn, the action doesn’t stop until the final game, because there can only be one king of chess.


Released By/Studio: Random Media / Brilliant Move

Director: Gloria Iseli

Producers: Gloria Iseli, Dylan Quercia, Andrea Fiorentini Del Rio

Writers: Gloria Iseli, Dylan Quercia

Music: John Shafer

Graphics & Animation – Bern Iseli

Mixing & Sound Design – Richard Robson

Score Recording and Mix – Cristobal Cruz Garcia

Running Time: 93 minutes

Language: English

Genre: Documentary, Sports

Rating: TV-G

Availability/Price: varies by streaming platform (Amazon, Google Play, etc.)


Gloria Iseli- Director, Writer & Executive Producer

Gloria Iseli is a Los Angeles based Writer/Director with credits spanning film, TV, podcasts, and web series. She is currently in post-production for DELTA COUNTY, a scripted feature she directed, as well as several projects in development to produce and direct for her production company Brilliant Move. Iseli has also worked as an English language Dubbing Director and Script Adaptor, working on over 40 foreign films and TV shows streaming on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and Disney+.

Dylan Quercia – Talent, Writer & Executive Producer

Is a Los Angeles based actor, producer, journalist, educator and chess expert. They were featured on ESPN’s SportsCenter where they produced and commentated on a segment about the 2016 World Chess Championship. Quercia is currently producing a forthcoming documentary called THE UNITED STATES OF CHESS and is actively seeking to create more chess film and TV. They are the President of Brilliant Move a production company dedicated to creating high quality independent film and T.V. Outside of entertainment, Quercia is known as Coach Q and has taught thousands of students how to play chess.

Brian Glover – Director of Photography & Producer

Born and raised in Chicago, during his late teens Glover was influenced by the photographs of Atget, Riis, Edward Weston and Walker Evans. He studied photography at the Chicago Art Institute with Garry Winogrand and at Yosemite with Ansel Adams and Paul Caponigro. He began his professional career as a portrait and commercial still photographer. Glover transitioned into cinema on films such as The Untouchables, Home Alone and The Fugitive after joining the Cinematographers Guild in Chicago and later moved to Los Angeles. His work has been honored for excellence by the International Cinematographer’s Guild. He has also backpacked his way through 48 states and competed in various chess tournaments.


Random Media is a content company that acquires and distributes films on a worldwide basis through movie theaters, digital platforms, and cable, satellite, and television networks and in conventional brick and mortar retailers. Random Media is known for its commitment to building strong, supportive relationships with its filmmakers. The companies’ growing library includes such acclaimed films as Hoaxed, Frank vs. God, House by the Lake and Iron Brothers.


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