Ag Pilot Transition Training Partnership with Tioga Area EDC


Grand Forks, ND – Edison Aerospace LLC and Tioga Area Economic Development Corporation announce a joint pilot training program to provide transition training for agricultural pilots transitioning to the Edison autonomous electric aerial application aUAV. This training will create a safe and effective path for pilots of existing fixed-wing agricultural aircraft to begin operating the Edison Heavy1 aircraft in realistic scenario-based flight training that includes six hours of flight time and four hours in the classroom.

The Tioga Area EDC is the recipient of a $100,000 North Dakota Technical Skills Grant Program to conduct UAS drone and general aviation pilot training and has conducted the award-winning and certified Tioga ‘Drone Camp for Kids’ UAS training for five years, has emerged as one of the top training partners that will help to transition to the Edison aircraft for buyers and operators of this revolutionary new, full-size, autonomous, spray aircraft. ‘When I spoke with people who fly aerial application missions for a living, the most common reaction I receive is curiosity and a little apprehension at suddenly being trusted with such a high-tech aircraft.’ said Gene Avakyan, the CEO of Edison Aerospace LLC. ‘We want to instill confidence in our new operators to begin flying real missions in our aircraft as quickly and as safely as possible.’

This new transition training will be offered only to certificated agricultural pilots through the Tioga Area EDC learning center at the Tioga Air Center. With this training completed, the pilots will be able to set up the mobile command center and prepare the aircraft for operation by assembling the wings, programming the mission into the ground station, filling the hopper with product to disperse over the field, and performing a thorough preflight inspection. The Tioga Area EDC is represented by Dennis Lindahl, Economic Development Consultant, the key person in all points of cooperation with Edison Aerospace LLC.

‘Edison Aerospace and Tioga Area EDC together are bringing the 100-year-old aerial application industry into the 21st Century and helping the agriculture industry meet its sustainability goals as set out by the USDA.’ – Edison Aerospace CEO Gene Avakyan.


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Gene Avakyan, CEO and Co-founder[email protected]

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