ADHD Online to Share Individual Stories Daily & Host Webinars for ADHD Awareness Month

The leader in ADHD assessments will feature a series of podcasts and webinars covering ADHD resources, insights, discussions, destigmatization efforts for this condition, and the pursuit of optimal ADHD treatment.

ADHD Online, the leader in online ADHD assessment and diagnosis, highlights ADHD Awareness Month with four webinars featuring providers and leaders from its clinical team, and a daily podcast, Refocused Together '23, presenting 31 stories from a wide array of individuals sharing their unique experiences and perspectives on their ADHD condition and finding ADHD treatment.

The National Institute on Health (NIH) reports the prevalence of ADHD in adults is currently at 4.4%. Since it started, adults make up 98+% of the individuals who have taken ADHD Online's assessment. ADHD Online’s webinar series and podcasts hope to offer solutions, consolation, and understanding to adults in facing these challenges.

The daily podcast, Refocused Together '23, will share a new story every day from October 1 through October 31. The webinar “ADHD & Related Conditions” and its focus on ADHD and conditions that commonly occur with ADHD, like anxiety and OCD, was recorded on October 3, and “ADHD and Binge Eating Disorder,” dealing with commonly misunderstood and overlooked conditions, will be on October 11.  

“ADHD & Related Conditions” deals with how people with ADHD also suffer from one or more conditions like ADHD and anxiety or ADHD and OCD. An estimated 70% of adults with ADHD have depression. “ADHD and Binge Eating Disorder” will shed light on ADHD symptoms and their role in people’s eating habits and feelings of shame and discomfort. There are treatments to help patients cope with eating disorders. 

The illuminating Refocused Together series will bring together leading authorities, clinicians, and inspirational individuals to share their experiences and insights on ADHD and related conditions. “We are so proud to be a part of this amazing community and contribute to ending the stigma around ADHD and other mental health conditions,” said Keith Boswell, ADHD Online’s Vice President of Marketing. 

This program came from a valuable collaboration with Lindsay Guentzel, who took on the full production last year and has since expanded to a complete production team to assist in researching, producing, editing and delivering the podcast. 

“Last year, we focused our efforts to help Lindsay Guentzel launch Refocused Together,” said Boswell. “She was still producing the podcast solo at that point. This year, Lindsay's team started production early in the summer. That gave my team time to organize our clinical leads to participate in a weekly webinar series so we could add to the conversation alongside the podcast. 

“I hope people join us in raising awareness, partake in the conversation, and be a part of the change in the narrative surrounding ADHD and the stigma around them.”  

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About ADHD Online   

ADHD Online was founded in 2018 with the mission that everyone should have access to quality ADHD assessments regardless of who and where they are. The ADHD Online team is filled with experts across the United States who share a passion for ADHD and related mental health conditions, and ensuring patients have access to critical mental health services. ADHD Online provides a critical voice for those who might be struggling with ADHD and has a unique offering of HIPAA-secured ADHD assessments online with reviews and results from licensed psychologists in all 50 states. ADHD Online is a brand under Mentavi Health. Mentavi Health addresses ADHD and adjacent mental health conditions in conjunction with organizational customers.  

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Original Source: ADHD Online to Share Individual Stories Daily & Host Webinars for ADHD Awareness Month

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