AAID Recognizes Jim Glidewell for Contributions to Implant Dentistry

Founder and President of Glidewell receives honor for his company’s role in the expansion of quality implant dental care around the nation.

Each year, the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID) presents the Isiah Lew Memorial Research Award to an individual who has made essential contributions to the field of implant dentistry. This year, the AAID recognizes Jim Glidewell, CDT, founder and president of Glidewell, the pioneering company that has spearheaded numerous innovations in CAD/CAM implant restorations and implant manufacturing.

Widely known for introducing the restorative material known as BruxZir® Zirconia to the industry, Glidewell has also contributed to numerous advancements that have helped make implant dentistry a standard part of modern dental practices today. These advancements encompass various implant solutions ranging from dental implant systems, to digital treatment planning and surgical guides, to the CAD/CAM fabrication of the full range of implant restorations.

Driven by the company’s mission to expand patient access to premium dental care, Glidewell has made many contributions to implant dentistry. Starting with the development of their Inclusive® line of products in 2011, Glidewell sought to offer ISO-certified implant components compatible with leading systems, enabling the company's implant lab to offer flat-rate lab fees that lower the cost of restoring implants for dentists.

In the area of technology, Glidewell has been a pioneer in bringing digital innovations to the forefront of restorative implant dentistry. Armed with data from more than two million implant restorations, Glidewell’s Digital Treatment Planning team helps doctors achieve optimal prosthetic outcomes by creating treatment plans and surgical guides that ensure implant placement that is safe, predictable, and reliable to use for implant doctors of all skill levels. Glidewell has also led efforts to implement CAD/CAM process in the fabrication of implant restorations — including custom abutments, screw-retained crowns and full-arch implant prostheses — that can affordably meet the demands of a growing industry while ensuring more consistent, esthetic outcomes for patients.

In 2015, Jim Glidewell partnered with Dr. Jack Hahn to develop the Hahn™ Tapered Implant System. “A big reason why Dr. Hahn and I teamed up was our shared philosophy of making high-quality implant treatment available to more patients,” said Jim Glidewell. “Combining his vast clinical experience with the capabilities of our lab has allowed us to create a product that not only simplifies the surgical and restorative aspects of treatment, but makes it easier for patients to accept treatment thanks to the implant’s affordability.” Hahn implants and instrumentation have also been praised for their predictability and ease-of-use, making them ideal tools for newer implant doctors looking to embrace this form of treatment.

And in service of those clinicians who want to make implant dentistry a bigger part of their practice, Glidewell has also strived to be a leading provider of continuing education (CE) in dental implant treatment. Since its inception in 2011, Glidewell Clinical Education has been providing clinicians with learning opportunities to acquire contemporary skills and techniques for success in dentistry. Glidewell has also partnered with Dr. Randolph Resnik and the Resnik Implant Institute, providing the models and implant accessories used in their hands-on workshops and establishing the Hahn implant as the official implant system used by their students. This relationship allows aspiring implant doctors to learn with the tools they will use later in their practice so they can start applying the techniques and protocols they learn at the institute toward predictable and efficient implant placement. Those who would like to learn more about the Resnik Implant Institute can do so by visiting https://resnikimplantinstitute.com.

2023 also marks the beginning of Glidewell’s support of the AAID MaxiCourse® program Southern California, which will provide comprehensive implant education and over 300 hours of CE to doctors in the region. This course will be held at the Glidewell Clinical Education Center, located on the Glidewell campus in Orange County, CA. “Glidewell is proud to be associated with this comprehensive, high-quality implant educational program,” says Dr. Neil Park, vice president of clinical affairs at Glidewell. “Not only will this program prepare doctors for clinical success, it also lets them experience hands-on training and in-person lectures in our state-of-the-art facilities.” To learn more about this program, dentists can visit maxicourseca.com, or reach out directly by calling 866-791-9539.

For more information about Glidewell, visit glidewell.com for a full look at the company’s history, services and product offerings. To view the company’s comprehensive assortment of surgical and restorative implant solutions, visit glidewell.com/implant-solutions.

To learn more about each of the AAID Foundation’s awards and the history of past winners, visit aaid.com/awards.

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